My answer to you Emelie.

You asked me: Why do you like to spend time with me?

My answer -

Because you can do what no one else can, you make me feel like me. With you, I don't have to put on a fake personality to try and fit in. If I find something funny when I'm with you I just laugh. If I'm being stupid, you'll tell me. If I trip and fall, you'll laugh and then help me up and give me a hug, which is exactly what I need. If I'm upset you'll ask me what's wrong, but instead of letting me cry for hours about it you'll say something, make me laugh and forget it immediately, No one else can do that. With you, I don't have to pretend to be someone I'm not, I can just be me, and I love that feeling. If I'm in trouble you'd be there to help me through it. If I lose faith in myself I know you have faith in me. When I'm with you, it's just fun, I don't have to worry about being someone who knows everything, or someone that's loud and hyper. I'm just me. And I love spending time with you, because even though I have a lot of flaws, and I'm far from perfect, you still accept me as me, which is something no one else does.

So, really what I want to say, is thank you with all my heart, for being the best friend I've ever had, and for making me feel like me and be confident in myself. Basically thanks for just being you! You truly are my best friend


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