Be That Guy


Be That Guy

Are you having a hard time on making her yours? Are you feeling insecure, worried about all the do:s and don’t:s? Or do you just want to make sure that you’re treating her right?

Here are the ten top tips and advice to those of you left in the dark!

“When a girl says she doesn’t care, she usually does.”

1. Speak from your heart.
A girl wants you to share your thoughts with her, your emotions, what you really think and feel. We want to be able to feel like we actually matter, like we’re an impor- tant part of your life and not just some hook up for now. Don’t be afraid to let us in.

2. Act upon your words. You tell a girl you love her, you tell her she’s beautiful. Yet you do nothing? That will just confuse her, and trust me, we hate being left in the dark. We don’t like to play games in love. So step out

of your comfort zone every once in a while and surprise her! Take her on a trip to the beach, sit down and watch the sunset together, or just snuggle down in the sofa in front of a good movie.

Show her that the words you say are true!

3. Take the first step.
Come up with ideas of what you should do together, be the first one to text her, to call her, don’t just sit around and wait for her to do all
the work. Show her that you’re interested! That she’s important to you, that you like spending time with her, enjoy her presence. That you feel better just by having her around.
Because face it, that’s how love is truly supposed to be.

4. Appreciate her.
What she does, whom she is. Give her compliments. Every now and then, it just feels really good to hear that you look nice for a change, with- out having to ask. Try to pay attention to if she buys new clothes or tries on a different hairstyle.
You see, most of the times it is just to impress
you any- ways. Every girl wants to feel like a princess sometimes, to be the one who gets noticed when she walks into the

Every girl wants to feel spe- cial. And that’s your job.

5. You are equals.
Treat her like such. She’s not some belonging of yours, she’s not an object you can play with and just toss away when you’re finished. She’s precious. Someone who could become your best friend and parter if the shoe fits. So don’t just care for her when you feel like it or when you need something. Care for her even through the rough times and when everything just seems to go wrong. Care for her, because trust me, if what you share together is true, she’ll care for you.
Treat her with respect.

6. Be yourself!
I don’t know how many times I’ve been through this with people, and I know it’s hard, but just be yourself. You have to be able to be comfortable around each other, able to laugh and have fun, other- wise your relationship is set

to fail already from the start. There’s nothing more impor- tant than being who you are, always. And there’s also noth- ing harder.

But you have got to try.

7. Be sympathetic.
It can’t always be sunshine and no rain with a girl. Trust me, sooner or later some- thing is going to bring her down to planet earth again, and there are days when she will feel like complete and utter crap. Those are the days when she will need you there with her. So don’t you dare disappear when she needs you the most. Because that is something most girls won’t forgive. Always try to be supportive, or at least see it from her side of the view. The mind of a girl is a lot of times very complicated, and even though no guy will ever fully understand it, it doesn’t hurt to give it a good try.

8. Be proud that she’s yours! Show her off to the entire world, walk hand in hand with her out in public, be affectionate and playful every chance you get, tell people that she’s yours. You have

to show her that you’re glad you’ve got her heart in your hands, otherwise she will doubt both you and herself, and she might leave or start

to drift away.
Most girls I know nowa- days have a ridiculously low self-esteem, and we need that feeling of being loved,
to know that even if we look down upon ourself, someone else out there loves us for exactly who we are. Not only our good sides, but the bad ones as well. Because like a good friend of mine once said ”Our imperfections is what makes us special”.
No one is perfect. So don’t expect them to be.

9. Give her some time on her own.
Just like you guys out there, we need our space as well. Some time away from each other is really good, because you need a chance to get to miss each other. If you spend every awaken moment in each other’s company, you’ll grow tired of it soon, and

in your boredom you will become annoyed with each other and start pointing out flaws.

Something that’s never good. So spend some time apart. Hang out with friends, take time to do stuff you can’t do when you’re together. Be- cause distance may help your love survive or even grow stronger.


10. Protect her.
Make her feel safe, not only around you, but around your friends and family as well. Around anyone. Make sure she knows that you’re by her side, that you’ve got her back. Always. Because every girl need someone they can rely on, someone they can count on to help them and save them from themselves.
The worst feeling in the world is loneliness, to feel like you’re on your own. And if you’re in a relationship with someone, in love with someone, you shouldn’t have to be lonely.
That’s the very point of be- ing in the relationship, to be together with the person you fancy.
To find that one guy who you can’t live without.

Be that guy. 



Denna text är skriven av min vän Mikaela Björklind Roos! Tyckte det var bra text att lägga upp här på bloggen. Och tack för att vi fick lägga upp den!


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